STANLEY Video Alarm Verification - Priority Police Response for Decreased Business Losses

The Response Time Challenge

OVER 98%?OF ?ALARMS ARE FALSE. Responding to these "non-events" puts a tremendous financial and man-power burden on law enforcement...while distracting from more important public safety needs. With the trend towards few police resources, tighter budgets and more calls per shift, law enforcement simply cannot give high-priority response to traditional alarms.

The need to use limited law enforcement resources in the most effective manner possible often forces police to respond to traditional alarms only after other higher-priority calls have been cleared, leading to THE RESPONSE TIME CHALLENGE:

  • Police arrive on?scene of a traditional alarm within an average of 45 minutes
  • Often the intruder has already caused significant damage and left the scene with your valuables
  • Apprehension rates for traditional alarms are so low (less than 1%) that there is typically a low probability of you recovering your business losses

The Solution to the Response Time Challenge - Video Alarm Verification

Decrease Business Losses

STANLEY Video Alarm Verification combines the latest in digital security?technology?with 24/7 professional monitoring and mobile access to live / recorded video on your smart phone to potentially increase the likelihood of:

  • Priority Police Response
  • Decreased Business Losses and Increased Apprehension rates
  • Reduced Disruption to Your Business

Packaged Solutions

Our affordable yet technologically advanced?packaged solutions ensure an ideal fit for your business and are easy to use and maintain. Each package contains:

  • The Latest Technology
  • Professional Monitoring
  • Secure Mobile App

Includes the latest digital technology in high-resolution?IP cameras and flexible video storage options with both wired and wireless connectivity to meet your unique business needs.

Highly-trained security professionals from our monitoring center review alarm details and video evidence then request priority police dispatch to reduce your business losses.

The secure, mobile app allows you to view an alarm event while it's in progress or to check up on your employees and facilities - 24 hours a day, from anywhere in the world.

How Video Alarm Verification Works - 4 Steps to Priority Police Response
Step 1

WHEN YOUR ALARM IS ACTIVATED an alarm signal with video clip is transmitted to our monitoring center

Step 2

OUR SECURITY PROFESSIONALS review alarm information and video to verify an intrusion and may contact law enforcement for police dispatch and you to give a situation update

Step 3

YOU can use the secure mobile app to view both live and recorded video of the incident to confirm the need for police dispatch

Step 4

THE RESULT is that police may?respond with higher priority on?arrive on-scene quicker - potentially enhancing the probability of apprehension and?reducing business losses due to theft and damage

Video Alarm Verification Overview

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Why Verification?

Learn about the importance of?Video Alarm Verification to address the "Response Time Challenge" that impacts all business owners.


Are You an SMB?

See how STANLEY Video Alarm Verification can help small and medium businesses improve police response time and reduce business losses.


Learn How Alarm Verification Makes Your Business More Secure!

Video and audio alarm verification move us from simple notification to true confirmation. Download our white paper, "We Were Blind, But Now We See" to learn more about how alarm verification can make your business more secure!

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