NIMBUS? Cloud Video – Secure, Convenient, and Cost Effective Cloud Hosted Video on the Go

NIMBUS is a VSaaS “Video Surveillance as a Service” solution integrating industry-leading AXIS and Hanwha, commercial IP cameras with our cloud video features and storage. With ease of setup, navigation, and minimal infrastructure investment, NIMBUS allows commercial companies and small businesses to quickly deploy several cameras in multiple locations via the cloud hosted video platform, record and stream encrypted video, store video footage on the device or securely in the cloud or on both in a hybrid model, and easily access it from anywhere at any time using a mobile phone, tablet, or computer at your leisure.

NIMBUS provides easy to use, low cost cloud video surveillance for one to 8+ cameras, to protect your business whether you have a one or several locations. View your video footage through a desktop browser or on the go with your iOS or Android mobile device.

  • Video securely encrypted and stored in the cloud
  • Supports SD Ram storage on the camera
  • Access to view live or recorded video feeds – with audio
  • Ability to download video clips
  • Set camera recording schedules
  • Option to turn all cameras off or on remotely
  • Easy pinch to zoom functionality
  • Alerts when motion is detected on your cameras
  • Support for camera alarm inputs and outputs
  • Notifications of bandwidth disruption
  • Alerts if cameras are disconnected or reconnected
  • Tag and filter video feeds by location quickly and easily view key areas
Nimbus Cloud Video Solution

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Secure Cloud Storage

Encrypted, secure live video is almost instantaneously stored within highly secure data centers, typically regulated by stringent federal security mandates and privacy guidelines, for subscriptions of 7 to 90 days. In addition, cloud-based video management systems do not carry the same types of cyber security risks of traditional DVR or NVR systems, making them less vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Accessible Live Viewing

NIMBUS is a scalable solution, handling video cloud storage for multiple IP cameras from multiple business locations. Both the user-friendly web-based platform and powerful mobile app allow you to view and access your video feeds and recordings quickly and efficiently. You can even perform administrative tasks including adding cameras, turning on/off motion detection, and adding schedules from the mobile app.

Cost Effective

Straightforward camera set up and plug and play installation results in reduced upfront labor costs, making cloud video an affordable option. Without the need for on-site video storage, your initial investment and ongoing maintenance costs are minimized. Plus, IP video cameras have lower power consumption than traditional video systems resulting in further savings.

Compatible Cameras

NIMBUS? Cloud Video is compatible with market leading commercial grade cameras from AXIS and Hanwha (formerly Samsung). If your business already has a camera system, and you are looking to move to cloud video storage and easy online live video retrieval, we would love to discuss your options.

If you are looking to implement a new cloud video surveillance system, STANLEY can recommend compatible cameras based on your business’s unique video surveillance needs. All companies have different applications and use cases, and each has their own security challenges with areas that need to be secure and protected. With the NIMBUS Cloud Video mobile app, you will be able to keep watch on your entire facility 24/7, download video clips, and document incidents, whether you have one location or several.



Why Cloud Video? – Free White Paper Download

Learn about the benefits of cloud video solutions for your business. This informative white paper helps answer the following questions:

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  • What benefits do I receive as far as access to my data and video recall?
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  • How can cloud video surveillance be a cost-effective alternative?



Nimbus Cloud Video – Secure, Convenient, and Cost-Effective Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS)

See the benefits of NIMBUS Cloud Video Surveillance for small businesses:

  • Secure
  • Convenient
  • Cost Effective