Cloud-based access control enables you to remotely manage processes, such as adding or revoking user access, without requiring any hardware. While physical access control may provide security for your organization, not every organization is willing to invest in high infrastructure costs for local servers and hardware. Centralized controllers are often limited to a specific number of doors and an on-site specialist is needed at each location to react to daily events.

STANLEY Security’s Cloud Access Control helps remove these obstacles through a self-serve technology platform that provides:

  • Easy to administer identity management
  • Browser-based remote location management
  • Real-time event validation via video integration

Cell phone with cloud-based access control

Maintain Your Access Control System from Anywhere

STANLEY’s cloud-based access control helps simplify what you need in a security system to get started. If you’re a facilities manager and have a smartphone, your access control system goes with you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – and whenever your expertise is needed at a moment’s notice.

Each access card, fob controller, calendar permission and technology upgrade is integrated via cloud security so updating secure access changes are both mobile friendly & globally scalable. Our technology also includes built-in database redundancies and failover to continuously backup and increase access control system data recovery.

Integrate Your Security System for Easy Surveillance Access

Video footage is always at your fingertips when you integrate STANLEY’s Cloud Access Control with your cctv or video security system. You’ll quickly narrow down footage associated with real-time events to remove questions about card access scenarios. This instantaneous reporting save times solving investigations and strengthens compliance across your company.

For more information on the benefits of our cloud access control solutions, contact STANLEY Security today.

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