Fire Alarm System Solutions

Fire Alarm Systems for Businesses throughout North America by STANLEY Security

STANLEY provides a proven solution to help you meet your local and national building and fire code requirements. Utilizing code compliant equipment, STANLEY Security ProtectionNet? Customer Service?centers monitor alarm systems and dispatch of the local fire department. STANLEY has the fire and protection expertise to meet the needs of your fire alarm requirements. Protect employees and visitors to your facility and can reduce the risks to your business.

STANLEY's Emergency Evacuation solutions combine the detection capabilities of our advanced fire alarm with the capabilities of emergency evacuation to provide a comprehensive life safety system for your building. For larger buildings where fire evacuations can be complicated, STANLEY Security provides a variety of advanced capabilities. When our code-compliant alarm systems detect fires, they will not only alert authorities, but also activate the building’s life safety evacuation and communications systems. This can provide a crucial channel between first responders and your building occupants, ensuring enhanced safety for all involved.


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STANLEY Fire Detection and System Monitoring Provides:

  • Building & Fire Code Compliance
  • Fire Sprinkler Water Flow and Valve Monitoring
  • UL & FM Fire Monitoring with Dispatch
  • Early Notification to Minimize Water Damage
  • Stand Alone or Integrated Panels
  • Advanced Diagnostics & Occupant Notification
  • Life Safety Evacuation Alarm and Communication Systems
  • Test and Inspection Services for the alarm devices connected to your fire suppression system
  • Maintenance and Repair Services for the alarm devices connected to your fire sprinkler system
Fire Alarm Sprinkler

STANLEY Owned Monitoring Centers

STANLEY Security has four UL / ULC, and FM Approved monitoring centers across North America. Our experienced customer service representatives receive alarm notifications and quickly respond as needed. Our monitoring services are fire code compliant, so we can support your fire detection system needs.


Local Service and Support

With local offices across North America, STANLEY Security makes it easy for virtually any business to receive effective support for its fire alarm system. You can view logs and incident reports online, see fire test & inspection results, request service, view bills and payment history, and much more. This goes for the other security services you receive from STANLEY Security as well, all of which can be fully integrated for effortless management.

To learn more about our fire alarm systems, contact STANLEY Security today.

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