Video Surveillance and CCTV systems

Protect your business from burglary and break-ins with our comprehensive Video Surveillance and CCTV systems

Gaining visibility and insight into your business can be a challenge. Whether you manage one location or 1,000, an effective video surveillance system serves as a crime deterrent as well as a key method to capture and document security events on your premises. With STANLEY Security’s video security solutions and CCTV security systems, we can keep an eye on your facility so you can focus on what matters: running your business.

A security camera monitoring system is a critical component of a comprehensive security strategy. STANLEY is proud to offer the experience and expertise to design, install, maintain and upgrade a wide range of CCTV solutions to meet your unique business needs, as well as integrate with your existing systems. Whether you’re looking for basic local video surveillance systems, or complex enterprise-class video surveillance for large campuses, STANLEY can deliver the solution you need.

We provide security camera systems, onsite storage, and video management software.

Types of cameras STANLEY Security can provide for your business

Our network cameras cover a variety of business video surveillance needs, from robust outdoor cameras, to discreet products for indoor applications.

The cameras provide several capabilities – HDTV, wide dynamic range (WDR), infrared (IR) and Light finder, which ensure clear video even in difficult lighting conditions. Our cameras also provide advanced video analytics features, such as motion detection, audio detection and tampering alarm.


Video Service Assurance

STANLEY IntelAssure

Whether you already have security cameras installed and want to maximize system uptime or you’re looking for an advanced video solution that can automate troubleshooting issues, STANLEY IntelAssure can deliver many benefits to your business.

  • Reduce Missing Video Evidence.?STANLEY IntelAssure assesses each unique video stream, detects and anticipates interruptions or decays that can cause a gap in the stream, and alerts you with actionable information on how to quickly solve the problem.
  • Improve Cyber Hygiene. STANLEY IntelAssure delivers foundational steps toward a comprehensive cyber hygiene program.
  • Automate Audit Compliance.?Make your approach to?audit compliance?tracking and recording more efficient automatically with STANLEY IntelAssure.

Video Surveillance Features & Benefits for Your Business

Reduce Loss

Reduce Loss

One of the best ways to reduce loss is to prevent intrusions from occurring altogether.
Document Events

Document Events

Retrieve incident images and video and access long-term archives of your video footage.
Enhance Employee Safety

Enhance Employee Safety

Our systems are an essential component in helping create a safe environment for your staff and customers.
Gain Visibility

Gain Visibility

Knowing what's happening at your locations provides you with better information, and ultimately, improved security.
Ensure Optimum Performance

Ensure Optimum Performance

Rest assured that your video surveillance system is functioning properly and delivering the maximum benefit to your business.
Improve Business Operations

Improve Business Operations

Leverage the video data and insights you gather to help increase operational efficiencies.

Get the Right Video Surveillance System in Place

A video surveillance system is a critical component of a comprehensive security strategy. From helping to deter crimes before they happen to providing key insights on your business, security cameras and their resulting data can enhance safety and security at your facility. Choosing the right video surveillance system for your business can be challenging when you don’t know what to look for, but our experts at STANLEY Security can help.

Advanced Video Surveillance Solutions

From traditional local video surveillance to cutting-edge IP systems and cloud-based storage options, STANLEY Security can design, install, service and monitor the right video system for your needs.

  • IP and analog camera systems
  • Local, network and cloud-based video storage options
  • Video monitoring
  • Video alarm verification
  • Live-view video on the go
  • Advanced video analytics capabilities & reporting
  • Integration with intrusion, access control and more

Video Surveillance System Resources

How to Right-Size Your Video Surveillance Investment

Consider the following guidelines to make a more informed decision about IP cameras for your video surveillance system.

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To protect against ever-evolving cyber threats, it’s critical that you take measures to protect your video surveillance system. Here’s how.

Why Cloud Video Surveillance May Be the Best Option for You

Learn more about cloud video surveillance to determine if it’s the best option for you and your business.

  • Monitoring
  • Intrusion
  • Access Control
  • Fire Detection
  • Integrated Security Systems

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