STANLEY Security is the industry’s leading provider of correctional electronic security systems. Since 1985, we have been providing non-proprietary, integrated systems and have successfully completed over 700 projects. The STANLEY Security approach to solving our customers’ challenges has evolved over 30 years by delivering combined service, engineering (pre and post) and project management teams under one name: STANLEY. This unique, unparalleled, time-proven approach saves capital, increases efficiencies and helps our customers reduce their total cost of ownership.

As a division of Stanley Black & Decker, a Fortune 500 Company, we have the resources to address any correctional security challenge you may be facing, as well as the commitment that we’ll be there to support you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Syntinel | The Integrated Security Control Solution

Non-Proprietary Solution

Non-Proprietary Solution

We use our knowledge and experience to customize a non-proprietary solution that allows for interoperability with multiple systems. By customizing specialized functionality and integrating third-party hardware or software, we can reduce system downtime and up-front costs of products and installation.
Customized Configuration

Customized Configuration

Syntinel, our industry-leading platform, offers a fully customizable, scalable solution that seamlessly integrates a wide range of products and services that meets or exceeds your facility’s operational requirements.
Advanced Interface

Advanced Interface

Make informed decisions with centralized access to all of your security information. This full visibility and control at your fingertips can lead to operational efficiencies and allow for quick assessment, which could result in faster response times.
Experienced Correctional Engineers

Experienced Correctional Engineers

STANLEY Security’s Correctional Group staffs engineers in all areas - from sales and service to engineering and management. All of our engineers are trained in the technologies needed for today’s complex correctional security systems.
Robust Data Logging & Reporting

Robust Data Logging & Reporting

Gain insights into facility trends, ongoing maintenance needs and day-to-day operations. The Syntinel interface maximizes displayed information in a user-friendly format while prioritizing activities in the event that quick action is needed.
System Health Monitoring

System Health Monitoring

Ensure your system is always operating as intended. Utilize advanced solutions that notify you when a service issue exists, diagnose the problem and recommend the specific solution to fix the issue, reducing system downtime.

The Syntinel platform is the next generation control system for your correctional facility. The non-proprietary solution can be customized to meet your facility’s specific requirements, and it can integrate your current systems into a single, easy-to-use platform for complete security control.


Hamilton County Correctional Facilities

After Hamilton County, Indiana, reviewed the security profiles of six facilities – including its judicial and correctional facilities – they decided it was time to enhance and update their security systems to better protect staff, visitors, inmates and residents.

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Full Visibility, Security and Accountability

Control For Your Prison or Correctional Facility at Your Fingertips

  • Door & Access Control
  • Utilities, Building Management and Activity List
  • Fire and Duress Alarms
  • Video Surveillance
  • Also Included: Intercoms and Paging, Event-Based Video Call-Up,?Video Playback,?Pan and Zoom Facility Maps, Unique User Logins

Customizable Add-Ons to Fit Your Needs

  • Workflow Instructions
  • Offender Info Integrations
  • Event Notifications
  • Browser-Based Administration Portal
  • Notes Journal
  • Maintenance Requests

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