STANLEY's Commitment to Higher Education

At STANLEY, improving campus safety and security is one of our primary objectives. We are proud members of a number of industry-leading organizations, and leverage these strategic alliances to better understand your security concerns and ultimately create a safer learning environment.

STANLEY is also a proud partner with the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators (IACLEA).

Expanding Compliance with D. Stafford and Associates and NACCOP

As a strong supporter of compliance education in colleges and universities nationwide, STANLEY has signed a three-year sponsorship agreement with D. Stafford & Associates and NACCOP to further establish STANLEY as a leading developer of content, resources, and educational opportunities for colleges and universities.

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Industry Partnerships

STANLEY is a proud member and sponsor of a number of thought-leading organizations in Higher Education. Click below to learn more about these organizations:


STANLEY’s first TOGETHER FOR SAFER SCHOOLS Grant Program started in 2013, and was offered to K-12 schools. In 2014, STANLEY extended the second annual grant program to higher education institutions, where over 200 schools participated. Early this year, these schools rallied their communities together to raise awareness for security and earn votes to win the grant. Colleges and universities with the first and second-most votes across three tiers of campus size – under 8,000 students, between 8,000-19,999 students and over 20,000 students – will be selected as grant winners, for a total of six winners.

"As a partner to over 2,500 colleges and universities across the U.S., we value the opportunity to learn from these institutions about how we can assist them in offering safer and more secure educational campus environments so students, faculty and staff can thrive,"Kyle Gordon, Director of Higher Education Market Solutions, said. "The TOGETHER FOR SAFER SCHOOLS Grant Program is just another demonstration of STANLEY’s long-standing dedication to the present and future of our nation’s colleges and universities.”

Congratulations to the Grant Recipients: