Security Alarm Monitoring

Reliable Alarm Monitoring Available through STANLEY Security’s ProtectionNet™ Customer Service Centers

alarm monitoring

In order to make a security system most effective, 24/7 alarm monitoring is essential. STANLEY Security’s ProtectionNet™ Customer Services Centers employ the skilled security professionals and reliable equipment needed to effectively monitor all types of security systems for everyone from homeowners to Fortune 500 companies. We fully own and operate five monitoring centers in the U.S. and Canada, providing us with ample monitoring capabilities for our clients all across North America. Each is UL, ULC, and FM approved as well as staffed 24/7/365 with a bilingual team, so our clients can feel confident that we’ll be available to identify and appropriately respond to any emergencies at their properties.

STANLEY Security offers many different types of security system and alarm monitoring services, including:

  • Intrusion monitoring
  • Fire detector and sprinkler monitoring
  • Holdup/duress monitoring
  • Audio alarm monitoring
  • Security alarm verification
  • Critical equipment and condition monitoring
  • Video monitoring services
    • Video alarm verification
    • Virtual guard tours
    • Remote escort services
    • Location open/close monitoring
    • Employee supervision
  • Remote access control management

Providing reliable alarm monitoring is one of the Five Customer Touchpoints in which we are committed to excellence, so we never compromise when it comes to delivering these services to our clients. We also excel in the areas of security system installation and service, providing overall best-in-class support to our customers. Whether you need new security solutions installed, are looking to integrate your existing systems, or simply want the best monitoring service available, STANLEY Security can deliver it.

To learn more about our alarm monitoring services, and all the other security solutions we offer, contact us today.