STANLEY Security – Monitoring Fire Sprinkler Systems for Businesses in North America

fire sprinkler systems

Knowing when your fire detection and sprinkler systems activate is essential in mitigating damage to your property. STANLEY Security provides proven, economical monitoring solutions for fire suppression systems to businesses around the world. From our code-compliant UL, ULC, and FM approved ProtectionNet™ Customer Service Centers located in the U.S. and Canada, our professionals can notify both you and the local fire department rapidly in the event your system is activated. We’ll also monitor water flow and valves across both individual and integrated panels, helping to determine the location and intensity of fires and relaying information. By providing timely notifications to the authorities, we can help minimize the damage both fire and water can have on your property.

In addition to having a skilled monitoring staff, STANLEY Security has expert technicians in many metropolitan areas who can regularly test, inspect, and repair alarm equipment attached to your fire sprinkler systems, verifying that all components are in optimal condition. They’ll also check autodialers and backup security communications to ensure a reliable connection with our ProtectionNet™ monitoring centers in the case of an emergency.

To learn more about STANLEY Security’s fire sprinkler monitoring, contact us today.