Intrusion Security System Monitoring

Intrusion Security System Monitoring Services Available from STANLEY Security


A security threat doesn’t always come from the outside. Employee theft affects morale and your bottom line. Often, just the presence of a state-of-the-art security system is enough to deter theft. When you trust your security system monitoring to STANLEY Security, you can be sure that any unauthorized access to your property can be swiftly identified and appropriately managed. From our five UL, ULC, and FM approved ProtectionNet™ Customer Service Centers located across the U.S. and Canada, our highly trained personnel can remotely monitor your property and follow a clear, pre-determined action plan to inform both you and the appropriate authorities any time your system sends a signal.

In addition to monitoring standard alarm signals, STANLEY Security can also offer verified alarm solutions. After we implement video verification or Sonitrol audio verification technology, our team can see or hear what’s happening throughout your facility and confirm that an intrusion is in progress when they receive a signal. This reduces false alarms and ensures a priority police response. In fact, our Sonitrol audio-verified alarms are so effective that many potential intruders are apprehended before entering into the facilities that our alarms protect.

In addition to monitoring your intrusion security system, our team can also monitor your other security systems, including:

  • Temperature and other condition sensors
  • Fire detection and sprinkler systems
  • Video surveillance equipment
  • Access control systems
  • Elevator telephones
  • Duress/panic alarms
  • And more

We’re there protecting what’s important to you 24/7/365, so you can have peace of mind and focus on making your business grow. To learn more about STANLEY Security’s monitoring service for your security system, contact us today.

Professional Monitoring

Interested in Priority Police Response?

FBI statistics show that over 98% of all intrusion alarms are false. Responding to these non-events puts a tremendous burden on law enforcement – forcing police departments across the nation to?de-prioritize their response?to traditional intrusion alarms while focusing on?more pressing concerns.?The results? Police arrive on scene of a traditional alarm within an average of 45 minutes. Often the intruder has already caused significant damage and left the scene with your valuables. Apprehension rates for traditional alarms are so low (less than 1%) that there is typically a low probability of you recovering your business losses.

Simply by adding video, you can turn your traditional?intrusion monitoring?system into a?video-verified alarm solution?that potentially?increases the likelihood of:

  • Priority Police Response
  • Decreased Business Losses and Increased Apprehension Rates
  • Reduced Disruption to Your Business