Access Control Management

eAccessManager is an advanced web-based STANLEY managed access control service that lets you focus on your business while we perform all of the tasks of administering your access control system. Whether it is a single location facility or multiple locations, STANLEY can manage all of your access control system requirements.

A cost effective alternative to self-administered, software-based access control solutions, our STANLEY ProtectionNet? Customer Service Center operators provide full maintenance, data entry, and administration of your access control system.? We will provide management of your door lock schedules including holiday schedules,? management of access cards and card holder database,? management of badge printing and cards, and assist with visitor entry. Customers can make changes by easily contacting STANLEY via email, phone, or fax.

In addition, by gaining access to STANLEY's eAccessManager online portal, this flexible solution gives you control and information when you want it, while allowing you to focus on your customers and business when needed.

STANLEY’s eAccessManager Provides:

  • Complete management of your access control needs by STANLEY’s Access Control Specialists
  • Management of your door lock schedules, including holiday schedules
  • Administration of your card holder database, including Photo ID Badging
  • Secure web-based application, that eliminates the need for software
  • Online activity reports to keep you in the know
  • Integration with intrusion alarm databases for improved security and efficiency
  • 24-hour integrated Visitor Entry services

For more information on our access control solutions,?contact?STANLEY Security today.