In today’s environment, businesses must find new ways to protect their workers and customers and comply with building occupancy regulations designed to limit the spread of the coronavirus. For many organizations, this will mean constantly monitoring the number of people inside public buildings.

Manual people counting can prove extremely labor-intensive, especially if your site has multiple entrances and exits. To help protect public health while running an efficient business, you need a solution that can count customers accurately and automatically. At STANLEY Security, we offer a site occupancy management solution to help organizations navigate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Benefits of Your Occupancy Management Solution

Count Accuracy

The 3-D sensors in our system count people with 95% accuracy. With highly accurate sensors, you can keep better track of customers to stay in compliance with occupancy laws and regulations.


This solution scales to serve large businesses and multiple sites. You can also adjust the allowed customer count as regulations change in the coming months, allowing you to get long-term use out of your investment.

Customer Convenience

Each display monitor shows estimated wait times to give customers more realistic expectations of how long they may need to wait. This helps reduce frustration and keep customers happy, earning you more business in the long run.

Features to Enhance Your Business Security

Analyze People Count & Flow

Analyze People Count & Flow

Site Occupancy Management software functionality allows businesses to enforce laws and regulations on maximum occupancy.
Fast, Automated Screening

Fast, Automated Screening

In seconds, the system automatically detects a person to measure body count at that given location so you can manage how many people can be in an area.
Enable Social Distancing

Enable Social Distancing

Counting eliminates contact between personnel and customers on-site to perform automated occupancy counting.
Proven, Accurate Technology

Proven, Accurate Technology

The technology has 95% detection accuracy, which is higher than that of traditional video cameras.
Affordable for Your Business

Affordable for Your Business

Priced significantly lower than other occupancy management solutions.
Easy to Install & Use

Easy to Install & Use

Start counting and managing access to persons once set up by our technicians.

Your Solution for Building Occupancy Management

How Does People Counting and Occupancy Management Work?

Our building occupancy management solution functions with minimal user interaction after installation. Sensors installed at every entry or exit point detect when a person walks underneath. The sensors then relay that information to an analytics computer. The computer adjusts the customer count and updates the display monitors accordingly, letting customers know when to wait and when to enter. Using your mobile device, you can easily adjust the system settings and make manual corrections as necessary.

People Counting Designed for Your Business

Specifically designed to help businesses comply with federal and local building occupancy laws and regulations, this solution keeps a running count of the number of people inside your building at all times. Using an accurate sensor, the system tracks the people who enter and exit and communicates with included monitor displays to show the occupancy count in real time. This solution can function in standalone mode or connect to the cloud to generate helpful reports and alarms.

How Difficult are Visitor Counting Systems to Install?

Our certified technicians will work to integrate this solution with your existing security system. For the system to function, you will need three electrical outlets in close proximity to each door, as well as Ethernet cables and HDMI cables. To ensure maximum accuracy, the count resets each night. However, you may reset the count manually if you run a site that operates around the clock. To save power outside of business hours, simply switch off the displays.

How Can Occupancy Management Improve Security for My Business?

Our building occupancy management solutions can help you reopen safely and operate under new conditions by:

  • Enforcing occupancy limits:?The analytics computer can communicate with an automatic door locking system when your store reaches its maximum occupancy limit. This can keep new customers from entering too early and endangering your employees and other visitors.
  • Reminding visitors to keep physical distance:?Each display monitor reminds customers to maintain proper social distance while outside and inside the store. The signage can display up to three languages at the same time to communicate effectively with the majority of visitors.
  • Maintaining privacy: This GDPR-compliant system can operate without accessing the internet, allowing for greater privacy.

Contact STANLEY Security to Learn More

At STANLEY Security, we provide comprehensive installation and service for our site people counting solutions. We can complete the setup process in approximately one hour so you can get back to work quickly. Learn more about how this solution can help your business by contacting us to request more information today.