Physical Security Consulting & Risk Assessment

At STANLEY Security, we have years of experience providing complete security solutions to customers across the country. We've invested heavily in keeping up with the latest trends in technology, regulations, and best practices. ?STANLEY understands that every company or organization has unique security challenges and requirements. By performing on-site facility security surveys and discussing your daily business operations, STANLEY learns the needs of your company and assists in meeting your company’s needs and objectives. Our STANLEY trusted security advisors will partner with you to develop best in class comprehensive security solutions and make recommendations to address security gaps and improve operational efficiencies. We understand the security risks you face daily, and can take the lead and be your trusted source for your total security solution.

STANLEY Security designs and builds programs that align with and add value to your organizations's approach to managing security. This is done through a wide range of services designed to address a variety of security challenges including internal and external theft, vandalism, employee safety and protection, protection from fires, and other vulnerabilities. Some security solutions that may be considered include?access control, intrusion detection, video?surveillance,?fire detection, visitor management, employee personal safety, emergency notification, system monitoring, and more.Conferring with highly skilled professionals at the outset of your project makes a difference. STANLEY Security?will work to design a system that minimizes your deployment costs and achieves your desired level of security and protection.

Deploying the right service solution is as important as your security system's initial design and installation. Implementing an effective service solution will enhance your system's performance and provide for a greater return on your investment while?supporting your business and optimizing your equipment's life-cycle performance. STANLEY Security will review a variety of criteria such as available project funding, acceptable risk levels, and ongoing lifecycle maintenance costs to ensure that your service solution matches your budget and security needs.

Highly trained industry professionals offer an array of consulting services including site surveys, functional security standards review, 3-5 year goal setting, specification writing, and software development.