Security Systems Training

An important part of implementing new security technology is ensuring your employees dreamstime_3968087_cand staff understand the technology and how to run it efficiently. ?We want to partner with you in this process to ensure you can take the greatest advantage of your system. STANLEY Security can provide training on-site at your company, online, or at our Learning Center training facility in Indianapolis, IN.

Our classroom courses in the STANLEY Learning Center provide extensive hands-on experience for security end-users, to help them fully understand how to administer a security system. Our three-day administration class allows end-users to learn about those operations that are necessary for day-to-day administration of a Lenel system (monitoring events, running reports, managing cardholders, etc). In addition, STANLEY offers a five-hour webinar course on administration of a Lenel access control system. Our five-day system installation and service class provides an opportunity for end-users to learn basic information about installing and servicing a Lenel access control system. To ensure the best training experience, each person taking a training course has his or her own access control system on which to learn.

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