Restaurant Security Systems & Solutions to Meet Your Unique Needs

STANLEY has experience protecting neighborhood restaurants and?national chains, from fast food to sit-down dining, we understand your?security needs, large or small. Our expertise allows us to work with you to design a security system that will protect your employees, your customers and your bottom line.

STANLEY provides comprehensive security solutions for restaurants with?multiple locations without multiplying your headaches. A single master security plan can be formulated and put into place to achieve total continuity—with a single point of contact.

The STANLEY?restaurant support network is in place—serving all major markets in North America. You can gain higher efficiencies while you lower costs and reduce risks.

  • Traditional Digital Security Alarm Systems
  • Sonitrol Audio Verified Intrusion Security Alarm Systems
  • Access Control Systems
  • Video Surveillance Cameras & Video Monitoring
  • Duress and Holdup Solutions
  • Staff Protection & Panic Buttons
  • Fire Alarm Systems and Regular Test & Inspection Services
  • Patented Keying Solutions
  • Safe Locks
  • 24 Hour UL & ULC Monitoring Services
  • System Design & Installation
  • Preventative Maintenance & Service Plans
  • Solutions Specifically for Local, Regional, and National?Restaurants

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Restaurant Security


STANLEY Intelligent Security:?Restaurants

Challenge Intelligent Solution
Theft and Vandalism
  • STANLEY's intrusion detection systems can address your security concerns, including robbery, shrinkage, and theft for your business operations around the clock, every day of the year.
Risk, Duress, and Holdup
  • STANLEY's UL and FM approved ProtectionNet? Customer Service Centers provide reliable dispatch to alarm conditions that help reduce the risk associated with any type of emergency.
  • STANLEY owned and operated monitoring centers with multiple locations in North America provide redundancy and back up.
  • 24-hour silent duress and hold-up functionality for fast police dispatch. STANLEY helps you protect the personal safety of your employees and to meet your duty of care obligation.
Food Loss, Waste, and Spoilage
  • Our open-architecture systems can provide monitoring of your critical equipment including freezers, coolers, air conditioners, oven hood release, and more, allowing STANLEY to notify you before significant losses occur due to equipment failure.
Life Safety & Compliance
  • From NFPA Fire Codes to UL Certificates to insurance requirements, our on-time test and inspections will help you met your compliance requirements and optimize performance.
  • Dependable fire and life safety monitoring is crucial to help ensure public safety and reduce liability in the event of an emergency.
Employee Theft, Slip & Falls, and PCI Compliance
  • Video systems and solutions deter robbery, sweethearting, shrinkage, slips and falls, and unauthorized activity
  • Allow for supervision of cash register and credit card transaction areas for PCI Compliance.
Online, Real-Time Information
  • Real-time visibility on your security systems helps to increase your productivity, lower your costs, and improve your security.
  • Convenient dashboard page keeps you in the know on your desktop or mobile device.
  • Security reports automatically sent to you, giving you a time-saving means of tracking security activity, documenting events, and making fact-based decisions.
Unbudgeted service Expenses
  • Let STANLEY help you eliminate unbudgeded service expenses with one of our service plans, customized to offer the ideal coverage for your equipment costs, labor costs, and service response.
  • Prevent system downtime and unexpected costs through our STANLEY Preventative Maintenance program. From monthly to annual preventative inspections, STANLEY has a plan right for you.
Protect your Revenues
  • STANLEY's high-security networked and standalone Sargent and Greenleaf safe locks utilize audit features to reduce the risk of internal theft.
  • In the event of employee turnover, let BEST master keying systems with CORMAX? patented keying protection save you the cost and headache of key management.