Indoor Active Shooter Detection Provided by STANLEY Security

STANLEY Security has partnered with Shooter Detection Systems (SDS), the industry's leading gunshot detection solutions provider, to provide, install, and service indoor active shooter detection for our customers.?

As a provider of comprehensive security and emergency response systems, STANLEY Security is proud to offer active shooter technology to help keep individuals, campuses, and businesses safer. By providing near real-time emergency alerts in a crisis situation and integrating this technology with video management (VMS) and access control systems, STANLEY Security is able to help organizations with more robust incident response plans.

The Technology

The Guardian Indoor Active Shooter Detection System combines acoustic gunshot identification software with infrared gunfire flash detection for a fully automated gunshot detection and alerting solution. The Guardian System immediately detects gunshots and simultaneously alerts building occupants and first responders within one second and with zero false alerts.

Incident Alerts and Communication

If an active shooter event takes place, it is imperative that the situation is quickly identified and communicated to emergency personnel and building occupants. STANLEY provides gunshot detection systems that?process all gunshot data within the sensor, removing the need for human interpretation or intervention and saving time when seconds matter most. When a shot is detected, the active shooter detection system instantly alerts users to location of shots on a mapping interface and simultaneously sends this information by SMS text message, email and via other third-party alert systems.? In an emergency, critical information is immediately relayed to building occupants and emergency personnel so that proper steps can be taken to control the situation as quickly as possible.

Integration Capabilities

To help make active shooter detection technology even more valuable for your organization, it can be integrated with other security related systems including Video Management Systems (VMS) and access control systems. When integrating the gunshot detection information with other systems, your company's incident response plan can include additional automation capabilities including video documentation and restricting access to additional areas of the building.

Shooter detection

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View Shooter Detection in Action on The Today Show

Active Shooter Detection by Shooter Detection Systems (SDS) was featured on The Today Show. View the video for more information and to see the technology in action!

Active Shooter Detection on Today Show

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This cost-effective system is easily installed into your existing building infrastructure and was designed for integration and compatibility with leading-edge security systems such as access control, alarm panels, video surveillance, mass notification, mobile application technologies and other notification pathways.


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A Fully automated Indoor Active Shooter Detection System by Shooter Detection Systems combines the world’s finest acoustic gunshot detection software with infrared sensor muzzle flash detection.?This dual modality provides an incredibly high detection rate with zero false alerts. View Product Specifications by clicking below.


Shooter Detection on The Today Show

Active Shooter Detection through Shooter Detection Systems (SDS) was featured on The Today Show. View the video for more information and to see the technology in action!


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