For a 360-degree-view of your operation, STANLEY’s data scientists and business consultants from our STANLEY Insights? Professional?Services team can partner with you to create value for your business utilizing multiple data sources. We provide an Analytics Assessment?leveraging our methodology and your data streams to correlate, analyze, and measure your business activities. Armed with knowledge,?we can create a plan for improved business operations to help drive results for your business. We can also help you to implement and?execute your analytics initiatives through our Data Science and Advanced Analytics Services.

Improve Your Operations

Analytics Assessment

  • Assess your current analytical needs
  • Define the problem – business requirements, KPIs, business case
  • Create a plan / model business case to see trends or behaviors, and drive ROI

ROI Projection Model

  • See how leveraging data & visualization gained through STANLEY Insights? can impact your bottom line
  • Identify net present value of implementing the STANLEY Insights solution
  • See cash flow impact
  • Identify projected rate of return and return on investment

Data Science & Advanced Analytics Services

  • Test business hypotheses
  • Prepare and manage data
  • Conduct analytics
  • Build dashboards and complex visualizations
  • Generate insights for your business

Leveraging unique icons, graphs, and intuitive color-grouped images, STANLEY Insights? gives me the power to interpret vast amounts of disparate data more effectively and efficiently than ever though possible – improving business operations.


Our STANLEY Insights? Professional Services team partners with you to utilize your data and create value for your business.