What is Switch? Tech Access Control?

In a snap, electronic access control becomes more affordable and easy to scale across any facility, giving you greater access visibility and control. Every building or campus has areas, rooms, cabinets and cases where access is limited to certain users.? Switch? Tech makes it easy to control who gains entry and to know when they did — and doesn’t require that you replace the door hardware you already have installed.

Access Control in Minutes

Remove Old Core

Remove current mechanical core using control key.

Insert New Core

Insert BEST Switch? Core and use provided hex tool to lock digital core in place.

Install Battery

Snap battery cap into place, and your core is ready to configure and use!


Easy to Install

Easy to Install

Most electronic systems require replacing the entire lockset, and may even need to be wired in. Trade out the lockset’s core, leaving the rest intact. Its long-lasting battery is low maintenance.


Retrofit multiple doors for the price of a single electronic lock and eliminate the time and cost of managing and replacing physical keys or re-keying doors when a key is lost.
True Access Control

True Access Control

Track access data and send it via a user’s mobile phone through our cloud system to your ACS and know whose device was used for access to which door, when, in real time.
Greater Visibility

Greater Visibility

Credentials are subscription-based and can be assigned and reassigned at no added cost. Stored locally on the mobile app, the credential is relayed to the core via a secure Bluetooth signal. The app offers passive, active and two-factor authentication modes.
Scalable and Adaptable

Scalable and Adaptable

Your facility’s environments change over time. Since the Switch Core changes out in just a few minutes and new credentials are simple to generate, you can easily add more doors to the system or change the ones you control.
Easy to Integrate

Easy to Integrate

Switch Core is powered by a cloud-based software Switch Deck, which enables you to generate credentials and connects to your access control system for assigning or reassigning credentials on the fly.


Save Time & Money. Gain Security & Support

With Switch Tech packed into every powerful Switch Core,
you can go about business as usual—knowing a smart
digital access system has your back.

  • Save time on installation and access management.
  • Secure sensitive areas, items and information.
  • Skip the cost of electronic access hardware.
  • Support comes from a nationwide network of experts.

Mobile-Ready and Compatible

An all-in-one application for normal users, installers and admins allows management of multiple sites and accounts within a single app. Switch? Tech is also compatible with other dormakaba reader products, such as fob sync and management.

Return on investment on the Switch? Tech door lock

Still not convinced about switching to this simple and easy access control system? Calculate for yourself with this easy?Switch Tech ROI calculator?to see how much money you could save in cost over lost keys.

You can also use the?Switch Tech Battery Life calculator?to evaluate the length of your batteries in that system.

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