Document Events & Improve Employee Safety

We know that providing employee safety and a positive customer experience are your top priorities. Our video surveillance systems are an essential component in helping create a safe environment for your staff and customers. In the case of a slip and fall or another accident, they’re also an effective source for documentation and evidence gathering.


Open/Close Services

Our open/close services allow you to document open/close activity and ensure the safety of your employees as they arm/disarm your alarm system.

  • Recording. Capture video footage each time your system is armed or disarmed to reduce?the sharing of alarm passcodes.
  • Supervision. STANLEY can observe the opening/closing of your facility in real-time. A STANLEY monitoring specialist will take action if passcode sharing or a duress situation is observed.

Video Escort

This service ensures the safety of your employees during high-risk work operations or circumstances, such as virtually walking an employee to their car.

  • Live Monitoring –? In high risk circumstances, our monitoring specialists can ensure your employees remain safe & secure.
  • Responsiveness –? In case of emergency, STANLEY follows your response plan.

On-Demand Live Video

With On-Demand Video Access, you can use your video surveillance network to see what’s happening throughout your business.

  • See All. View a live feed of your surveillance footage, any time.
  • Convenient Access. Retrieve and share recorded images from your video storage device.
  • Connect On-the-Go. You can quickly and effortlessly connect to all your video systems directly from your mobile device.

Incident Retrieval

STANLEY assists with major occurrence investigations that involve law enforcement authorities– including break-ins, robberies, assaults, and more.

  • Store Events. STANLEY retrieves incident images and video and creates long-term archives of your video footage.
  • Optimize Reporting. Receive incident retrieval on-demand, multiple images per report, and all key activity data.